Sharon Goodman artist's statement

My paintings are immediate and energetic. I want the motions of my hand to be apparent on the paper or canvas and add another dimension to the painting—a spontaneity that the viewer can feel. My work is inspired by movement and color. I have danced for many years, and movement and the body in motion inform my paintings. Nature also inspires my art, as in the curving of a leaf, the bending of a weed, or the color of rushes swaying by a pond.

Although my paintings are not representational, I work in series that are grounded in elemental themes such as water, sky, or earth, or in places I have been. I do not expect the viewer to identify these elements in my work, only to get a sense of what the titles imply. I want the marks, the color and shapes, the brush strokes and layers on the paper or canvas to be compelling to the viewer so that their sources need not be identified.